Pricing Tiers

ClientView runs on a pay-per-client tracked model. With each tier reducing the overall cost of all clients. Below is a table of each tier with corresponding pricing, updated April 7, 2024

TierClient Range$ per clientTotal (max tier)

Tier 1




Tier 2




Tier 3




Tier 4




Tier 5




Tier 6




Tier 7




Tier 8




Tier 9




Tier 10




How billing changes based on Client Active Status:

Client Paused:

Pausing ads for a client can be due to many factors, like owner being sick and not able to nurture leads, owner is on vacation or is stepping out for a week or so, or possibly ad account was deactivated and are pending it's revival.

Pausing a client will not affect billing unless paused for more than 14 days. After 14 days this client will be removed from the billing cycle.


Once a client is set to off-boarded they will be removed from billing cycle after 7 days.

Tier $ / 30 x Number of days Tracked

Depending on the time a client was removed from the cycle, this client will still be billed for the time tracked in the given month. For example.

Client was removed from billing April 15th and account in on tier 2 pricing

$10.97 / 30 x 15 = $5.48

A balance of $5.48 will be owed end of month and zero therefore after.

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